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Here are Icons for the ones who ship:

- Sterek - Teen Wolf

- Solijah/Selijah - The Originals

- Joctavia/Octasper/Jactavia - The 100

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My fan made wallpaper for the cw show Star-Crossed. I made it because if the real one comes It’s only gonna be of Roman and Emery and not them and the other cast members.

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Note: sorry if they are not paired in the way you like it, but I made them. I like Lukas, Teri and Sophia so that’s why they’re together in one picture.

So enjoy

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"You’re not allowed to die"

I think that in the video Octavia said that to Jasper…I hope so!!!!

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What’s the Roman/Julia shipname? I’m leading toward Joman but eh, I just don’t think their first names make good shipnames like Remery or anything.

Maybe Rulia or Julian or something else!?!

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It’s true!!!!

My favorite art that I made a few days ago


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Stora - The Mortal Instruments AU

Stile’s life started to change when he and his friend Scott went to the Pandemonium Club in Beacon Hills; and encountered a mysterious girl that is invisible to everyone else but him, attacked by some demons in his house and saved by a group of tattooed teenagers that have a thing with black leather jackets.

He finds out that these people are shadowhunters; a secretive race of humans born with angelic blood who are dedicated to ridding the earth of demons.

They told Stiles that he is one of them and he needs to be trained like a normal shadowhunter in order to survive and in order to have more power to their race.

Then he finds out that the reason why he’s the only one who can see the girl in the Pandemonium Club is because she also belongs to the group of shadowhunters who saved him, and now she is being trained with him.

Please someone make a fanfic story of this please!!!!!!!!