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From the ashes, rise. Can’t Go Back.

I saw the Teen Wolf Season 4 trailer. And I want to give my opinion, But in 3 pictures, which I express my thoughts in my opinion.

In picture 1:

We see photos of our heroes. (I still am not over Isaac leaving and Aiden’s and Allison’s death. And Ethan who is leaving. I think no one ever will.)

In picture 2:

I think we will have some action, but also some drama! Hope the drama won’t overpower the action this season.

And last, but not least
Picture 3:

This picture has a name which I like to call: the “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?”moments.

I hope my short opinion is good enough.

See ya later,




Can’t wait for season 4. Please let there be bigger promotional photos.

Signed The Petition to save Star-Crossed

Hey Stargazers,
I signed the petition bij and here I wrote my opinion.
Read it and reblog like or tell me ehat you think of if.
Dear CW Network, CBS Corporation and Mark Pedowitz.
Please renew Star-Crossed. The show has good potential. A great storyline and amazing characters. It's mainly focused on the star-crossed lovers, but the other characters were also amazing. 
I'm from Europe and watched Star-Crossed on 3 am. I was hoping for the ratings to come up, because I never could watch it because I'm asleep at the time. And you have also fans who love this show on other places in this world. But they can never see it, because of school, sleep or because we don't have CW on tv in Europe or any other Country. Many fans want to see the show. And I also.
So I sacraficed my sleep to watch it for the last time since you cancelled this good show. I'm also dissapointed that the tomorrow people got cacelled. I know you have struggles with mondays, but please you can renew The 100, Arrow, The Originals, Reign, Supernatural, (even Vampire Diaries who got a boring season this year)
But please Give The Tomorrow People ans Star-Crossed both a Season to wrap the shows up. To fully end it. That's what I'm asking you.
Yours faithfully,
Thaylita Neves
So tell me what you thought of this and send it to other fans and keep signing the petition.
Good luck,
- ThayliNeves

People who are pissed at The Cw for cancellations of good tv shows like me.

Listen up!!!!

Here are screenshots of a page that I found. It tells you the viewings of the scripted shows that were seen this year.

If you don’t believe me

Here’s the link:

Send this to people who watches the shows who got cacelled. Send this to fans.

I’m glad that the 100 gets a second season, and Reign and The Originals, because of the great storyline, but The Tomorrow People and Star-Crossed also have a good storyline. Also the 3 mentioned above. Carrie Diaries got cancelled, but they could give the show a good ending if they wre going to cancel it.

Sorry if i bother you with maybe this false information, but I felt like sharing it.



People do the happy dance on Pharell William’s song Happy!!!!

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Looks like Felicity is going to be in trouble!! Is she going to be the one that Slade wants to kill? thoughts?

I don’t want that to happen. She can’t be the one

Neither of the characters.

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People who aremy followers. You can contact me on Twitter!!!!!!!!


Felicity’s moment to be a serious BADASS! 

Felicity being a awesome BADASS!!!! with Diggle by her side!!!!